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Handmade ceramic soap dish FOREST with hand-pressed leaves

Handmade ceramic soap dish FOREST with hand-pressed leaves

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Size 13 cm x 10 cm 


A unique ceramic soap dish with hand-pressed leaves to decorate your bathroom or be given away as a gift. 

At a glance

Each piece is 

  • unique
  • handmade
  • with food-safe glaze
  • dishwasher safe
  • frostproof

Handmade with love

With great attention to detail, every single blossom was pressed into the clay by hand.

The ceramic dish dries for a few days before it is then fired for the first time at 950 degrees and then the food-safe glaze can be applied.

Finally the glazed bowl is fired again at 1230 degrees, the so-called high fire which makes the ceramic dishwasher-safe, frost-proof and waterproof.

Since each soap dish is a handmade unique item, shape, motif, color and size can
differ slightly from the picture. 

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