We aspire to create mental escapes that transport you to the serene beauty and heavenly scents of nature, even amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

Just like nature nurtures us, we find our own growth by giving back and sharing with others. We are driven to foster love, acceptance, and inclusivity by offering support where it's needed.

With every purchase made from our store, we donate 5% towards meaningful causes, ensuring our impact resonates far beyond our products.

For us, this ethos embodies the very essence of nature — a harmony of giving, receiving, and nurturing.

You can select from one of the three causes listed below during checkout.

Thank you for your support on this journey.

  • Meals for children

    The Mozambique School Lunch Initiative serves locally-sourced school meals in primary schools in rural Mozambique where many children run the risk of malnutrition and dropping out of school. For many children, this is their first and main meal of the day.

    Mozambique School Lunch Initiative  
  • DeafKidz International

    Deafness is the third largest disability globally with 466 million deaf people worldwide yet it remains the least resourced. With safeguarding at the heart of all we do, DeafKidz International aims to respond comprehensively to the protection, health, wellbeing and access to education needs of deaf children, young people and adults worldwide.

    DeafKidz International 
  • National Autistic Society

    Our mission is to transform lives by providing support, information and practical advice for more than 700,000 autistic adults and children in the UK, as well as their three million family members and carers.

    To change attitudes by improving public understanding of autism and helping businesses, local authorities and government to provide more autism-friendly spaces, deliver better services and improve laws.

    National Autistic Society