Our Daily Milk and the fountain of Youth

Our Daily Milk and the fountain of Youth

Once upon a time there was a gathering at the Soaps house. Deep Dusk, the eldest and wisest Soap of all, had a mysterious artifact to show them. It came across it with On the Line, while they were on an adventure in the Honduras.

All Soaps were very excited to see the artifact and find out what it was for. Honey Pot imagined it would be a great big chest full of yummy treats, like homemade pastries and freshly baked cake. It would enjoy a piece with a cup of hot tea.

“It’s a map!” Deep Dusk said.

The Soaps gasped. “A map to a treasure chest?” Night & Day exclaimed.

“A map to the fountain of youth!” Deep Dusk replied.

There was a long pause. The Soaps didn’t know what to say to this remark, as we all know, Soaps do not age, certainly not in the same way as us humans perceive aging.

But one of the Soaps stood still, with its eyes wide open, staring at the map. It was staring it for so long that the other Soaps began to worry.

“Daily? Are you ok?” asked Honey Pot. Daily Milk looked up as if awoken by a spell. “Can I have that map for a while? I would like to study it.”

Deep Dusk was a little sceptical about giving Daily Milk the map but it thought that nothing bad could happen….probably.

“Be very careful...” it said “...don’t get held up with all this, you are still in the process of completing your core and finding the ingredients that will make you complete. You only have coconut milk which is not enough, so It is very important you do that.”

Deep Dusk always gave good advice and all the Soaps respected its opinion. So Daily Milk agreed and went to bed, to decide on the ingredients it will use for its core.

But that night Daily Milk couldn’t think nor sleep, for it was haunted by the thought of growing up, getting old, being used as anything other that soft bath play, in little kids hands, surrounded by laughter and happiness.

And then a thought went through it’s centre. What if there was a way for it to stay like this forever? It wouldn’t need a core to mature, it will just be young and carefree.

That same night, Daily Milk prepared a bag with some essentials and left the Soap House tip toeing so the others won’t hear it.

It set off toward the north like the map showed. If you were a human, the journey was 3 days and 3 nights, depending what mode of transportation you would use. 

But a Soap is small and can’t walk that fast, so the journey took 40 days and 40 nights. It passed roads and forests, lakes and rivers. It stopped to rest and it looked for food. It walked some distance and hitch hiked some more. And on the morning of the 41st day, it reached the area marked with an X on the map.

It was a garden square with big gates and Daily Milk could see beautiful flowers in the middle of it. When it reached the centre, it saw a great big statue that looked like a merman. Underneath there was an inscription that read “Those who dream, live. Those who do what they dream, live forever.”

Daily milk didn’t know exactly what that meant, but since he dreamt of being young forever, and set out to achieve it, it thought it was at least one step ahead. It leaned forward to touch the inscription, but once it did, a trap door opened and Daily Milk found itself falling down a long tunnel.

Before it even had the chance to call for help, it felt a warm liquid run through its body. It was a beautiful sensation, sort of magical. The liquid had a deep and sweet scent, you almost wanted to dip your fingers in and taste a little.

Daily Milk smiled and it floated inside it. When it opened its eyes, it saw that it was a fountain. Not a water fountain, but an olive oil one! It was so big and it had golden engravings on its pillars.

In the middle, sat a young maiden, a wonderful golden statue, holding a jug. The oil seemed to be pouring out of there non stop, as if it was enchanted to produce olive oil for ever and ever.

Daily Milk stared at the statue and she stared right back. What a surprise! She moved her head and smiled at Daily Milk.

“What do you seek?” she asked?

“I want to be young forever!” replied the Soap.

“I have seen inside your core and I will grant your wish” said the maiden and she lifted her hand and a piece of Daily Milk’s Base separated from the rest and attached itself on its core. The olive oil from the fountain covered all the pieces and connected them together, making Daily Milk a new Soap. A never aging Soap.

Daily Milk opened its eyes. It was morning and it was lying in bed. All the other Soaps were still sleeping.

Was it a dream? Did any of this happen? Somehow its heart believed in the impossible. There was no doubt and no fear. A child’s heart.

At that moment the creator walked in and said good morning to the little Soap.

“Daily Milk. You are complete!” she said.

“And with a beautiful olive oil core! It fits perfectly with the coconut milk! You are as pure as a newborn baby!” she added laughing.

Daily Milk smiled widely. It was certain its wish had come true.

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