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Jade roller for facial massage
Jade roller for facial massage
Jade roller for facial massage

Jade roller for facial massage

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Handheld roller made with natural jade gemstones for gently massaging the face and neck area. 

Jade rollers are believed to stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness through the gentle massaging and cooling effect of the stones. They originated in ancient China as a soothing skincare ritual and since then they have established themselves as a popular beauty tool for facial massage and relaxation. 

How to use

Use your jade roller on a clean face after having applied face cream or facial oil. The jade roller will help to gently massage the facial oil into the skin. 

  • Start by gently rolling on your neck area in an up-and-down motion. 
  • Then place the jade roller on your chin and roll on your jawline towards your ears in a back and forth motion. 
  • To massage your cheekbone area, start once again at the centre of your chin and roll towards the cheekbones. 
  • Massage your forehead in back and forth motions starting from the centre and moving towards the temples. 
  • Use the smaller jade stone to roll under your eyes and on your nose. 

For a more refreshing and cooling effect you can keep your jade roller in the fridge and take it out before every use. 

How to clean 

Disinfect your jade roller before or after every use either with alcohol or with soapy water. 

How to store

Keep your jade roller clean by placing it in a small cotton pouch or wrapping it in a small towel.