Hi everyone! Myrtle & Soap is going through a transition so some items might be sold out for a bit. Please email us if you need anything!

Myrtle & Soap is...


...a family business founded in 2018 by two cousins, Ellie and Anastasia. We both grew up in Greece and then went on to study at universities in the UK and Germany. With Anastasia's scientific background and Ellie's specialisation in business administration and entrepreneurship, our combined skills and experience resulted in the perfect match for this exciting venture. Anastasia now lives in Germany, where she manages our EU online store, while Ellie is in charge of our UK e-shop based in the Cotswolds. 

Our passion for natural skincare started in early 2012 with our first experimentations. We instantly fell in love with the science behind every formulation and the challenges of cold process soap making.

Since then we have immersed ourselves in the world of botany as a means to harness the wonderful properties of herbs and natural essential oils for our products. 

In 2018 we decided to quit our jobs and moved forward with founding Myrtle & Soap, which specialises in handmade, natural, vegan and environmentally friendly cosmetics. 

We are very fortunate to have two online stores so far, one serving the UK and one serving a number of  European countries (at the moment Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium and Greece, we are slowly adding new countries to this list). 

For us two, Myrtle & Soap is a virtual home where we meet daily, let our creativity unfold and transform ideas into reality. We want Myrtle & Soap to be a virtual home for anyone to visit, be inspired and join us on our journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Since we started our journey, we have had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with a lot of other incredible women, business owners and individuals. We feel that it is a great joy and blessing to be able to support and inspire each other, and the name "Myrtle", a symbol of love, prosperity and positivity, is there to remind us of that.

At Myrtle & Soap we find new ways of contributing towards a healthier and more sustainable future and this gives us great motivation. We really appreciate the love and support we have received so far, and we hope to continue our journey with you.

With love, 

Anastasia & Ellie