Hi everyone! Myrtle & Soap is going through a transition so some items might be sold out for a bit. Please email us if you need anything!

Myrtle & Soap is us, Anastasia and Ellie, two cousins with a passion to create body and face products from the best quality natural ingredients. In the beginning, we made everything just for ourselves but the products' popularity quickly grew and more and more people wanted to use them.

Anastasia, the creator of the products, lives in Germany and Ellie in the UK. Despite the distance, we were incredibly excited about giving life to our little online store and adamant to find creative ways to bridge the distance between us. After lots of lengthy discussions, brainstorming and planning sessions we decided to disregard the distance and move forward with making Myrtle & Soap reality. We created and registered Myrtle & Soap in the UK and soon after the German company followed.

Myrtle & Soap is a beautiful little online shop where people can come find vegetarian, natural soaps and cosmetics. For us two, Myrtle & Soap is also a virtual home where we meet daily, let our creativity unfold and transform ideas into reality. Since we started our journey, we have had the opportunity to meet lots of other incredible women who are small business owners. We feel that it is a great joy and blessing to be able to support and inspire each other, and the name "Myrtle", a symbol of love, prosperity and positivity, is there to remind us of that.

Myrte & Soap is in the end our personal way of contributing towards a healthier living and it's what gives us great motivation. We feel truly humbled by the love and support we have received so far, so we'd like to say a very heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who welcomed our creations into your homes.

With love,
Anastasia & Ellie