Honey Pot and the Queen bee

Honey Pot and the Queen bee

Once upon a time there was Honey Pot, one of the creator’s first Soaps.

Honey Pot was created to be gentle, kind and considerate. It was a very sweet and polite Soap and always cared for all its friends.

Everyone knows that what brings Soaps to life is their core. Each one of them has a different combination of ingredients in their core. And Honey Pot was no different. But Honey Pot has a not so secret ingredient which makes it special from the other Soaps.

To find out what happened, we have to go way back in time, when Honey Pot was just a baby Soap with no name. Let me explain a bit about the magical process of the creation.

First the creator makes the base, by combining different ingredients into a big cauldron. That is how baby Soaps are made. Once babies, the Soaps follow their story to different adventures and they discover their core ingredients which then creator uses to complete the alchemy.

Baby Honey Pot, who wasn’t named Honey Pot yet, had only coconut milk in its core. It was very proud of it but sometimes it felt a bit self conscious and sad as other Soaps had already found their cores and were boasting with pride and confidence.

It wasn’t its fault, it just wanted something special.

“Just let it go and pick something fun, like cocoa!” said Deep Dusk. Deep dusk was old and wise, with tea tree and lavender in its core.

But baby Soap shook negatively and shouted that it wanted to be something bigger, something better.

The days went past and everyone sort of forgotten about little baby unnamed Soap. Until one day as it was taking its morning stroll, it saw it. It was a bee and it had fallen on the ground. She seemed injured.

Baby Soap rushed over and had a look.

“That looks nasty. Your wing is broken” it said.

“Help me! I have fallen out of my hive and can’t get back in. My worker bees need my leadership to work.”

Baby Soap sat next to the bee and extracted some of its base. It then began to apply it on the bee’s wing.

“What do your workers do?” it asked.

“They build the hive and make honey from flower nectar and store it for the winter. I am their Queen.”

Baby Soap thought that was incredible! Those little creatures may seem small but they are so powerful and they work hard to create such amazing things!

“There you go. Your wing will feel better soon” Baby Soap said and gently picked up the bee and placed her in the hive.

The Queen bee was so grateful that she offered baby Soap some of their honey.

“Your majesty, that is the most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted in my life!”

It’s true that baby Soaps life was not a long one but still, tasting fresh honey from the hive is a special experience.

“May I use this honey as my Core?” asked Soap. The Queen was delighted

“I would be honoured” she said. They bowed to each other and baby Soap went on its way to the creator.

So, baby Soap’s core process was completed and it was named Honey Pot to honour the Queen bee and all the worker bees for working so hard into making that nutritious and delicious honey.

So never give up, for even the smallest creature can be really really special.

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