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Update: Thanks so much to all of you who contributed to our NHS donations project! Your donations are all packed and ready to be sent to Cheltenham General Hospital.


Myrtle & Soap would like to respond to the Covid-19 situation by helping to provide soaps and selected skincare items to the hard-working NHS staff in hospitals in the Cotswolds. You can help us by sponsoring a product. 

How it works

1. We will get in touch with John Radcliffe hospital and Gloucestershire hospital intensive care units.

2. We will organise our own donations and your sponsored products for each hospital.

3. We will mail them addressed to each hospital’s unit at the end of April. You will be notified when your sponsored items have been dispatched. The NHS staff at each hospital will then distribute the products amongst themselves. 

How you can help

1. You can find products for sponsorship below, they are clearly labeled “For sponsorship“.

2. You add them to your cart and check out normally. You can choose whether to remain anonymous or if you want your name on the sponsored products. Shipping is free of charge when your order is solely comprised of NHS sponsored items. 

3. We add those products to our donation boxes.

Items available for sponsorship

Not all products are available for sponsorship. 

We feel that our mild, coconut milk enriched Honey Pot and Daily Milk unscented soaps are best suited for the circumstances as well as selected skincare items, such as our Facial Oil and Lotion Bar meant to help sooth dry, irritated skin as a result of wearing masks and other protective gear on a daily basis.

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